Europe’s Open Air Fitness Competition by the Sea

Aphrodite Games Online Championship 2020

Worldwide fitness competition is suitable for the athletes of all levels staying at home during the quarantine times.

There will be 2 categories for Male and Female: Scaled and Advanced.

Fun and challenging workouts by The Program will be announced between 14th - 25th of April, 2020.

FREE Registration Opens: 11th April 2020

There will be a few options for a donation starting from 5EUR to Charity Fund of Cyprus helping families in need.

  • 1st workout will be announced on April 14
  • 2nd workout will be announced on April 17
  • 3rd workout will be announced on April 21
  • 4th workout will be announced on April 25

All scores to be submitted until April 30, 2020.

You'll have a chance to win prizes from our partners The Program, Born Primitive, CyFitCamp and a chance to win a spot in the Live Finals of AG20.

Overall winners, as well as the winners of each individual workout, will get the PRIZES!

Some extra prizes will be given for the performance of the workouts in the fun & creative way!

Aphrodite Games Online Championship 2020


  • WORKOUT 1 Advanced

    10 Min EMOM:

    • 1 Turkish get-up left arm with 1 x 22.5/15kg DB.
    • 1 Turkish get upright arm with 1 x 22.5/15kg DB.
    • 10 Jumping lunges (5 R / 5 L)

    Max Thrusters with 1 x 22.5/15kg DB.

    Score = Total Thrusters


    Turkish get-up (TGU) = Start standing with DB in full extension in one arm overhead, then go down to lay flat on the ground and back up to full extension again with DB overhead without the DB touching the ground or any other body part.

    Jumping lunges = You must jump between the reps, no stepping allowed.

    Thrusters = Full squat into full lockout overhead. The DB can be held anyhow as long as it goes from the shoulders to overhead.

    You have to perform the TGU and lunges each round. Skipping a whole minute's work is not allowed.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 you perform 1 Turkish get-up (TGU) left arm, 1 TGU right arm and then 10 jumping lunges. Max thrusters in the remaining time of the minute. At 00:59 you must stop the thrusters and at 01:00 begin again with 1 TGU and lunges. Keep this process going for 10 minutes.

    WORKOUT 1 Scaled

    10 Min EMOM:

    • 10 Tuck ups
    • 10 Forward Lunges (5 L, 5 R)

    Max Thrusters with Object in the remaining time..

    Score = Total Thrusters


    Object = Anything you can use from water bottles to rocks to books - get inventive.

    Tuck jumps = 2-foot take-off, jump as high as you can.

    Forward lunges = Start in full extension, lunge forward until the back knee touches the floor.

    Thrusters = Full squat into full lockout overhead.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 You perform 10 tuck jumps and then 10 alternating lunges. Max thrusters with an object in the remaining time. At 00:59 you must stop the thrusters and at 01:00 begin again with 10 tuck jumps and lunges. Keep this process going for 10 minutes.

  • WORKOUT 2 Advanced

    30 rounds for time:

    • 2 Clapping push-ups
    • 3 Box Jumps 24/20in
    • 4 Alt. DB Snatches 1 x 22.5/15kg

    Time cap = 15 minutes

    Score = Total Time


    Clapping push-ups = Chest must touch the floor, hands must clap in the air.

    Alt. DB Snatches = Only 1 head of the DB must touch the floor and you must reach full extension overhead. The DB must change arms each rep.

    Box Jumps = Stepping is allowed, full extension at the top of the rep.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 begin with 2 clapping push-ups, then 3 box jumps, then 4 alternating DB snatches. Continue until you reach the time cap or finish the 30th round.

    WORKOUT 2 Scaled

    30 rounds for time:

    • 2 push-ups
    • 3 Ground to overhead with object
    • 6 Stairsteps

    Time cap = 15 minutes

    Score = Total Time


    Object = Anything you can use from water bottles to rocks to books - get inventive.

    Push-ups = start with arms in full extension, the chest must touch the floor, arms back to full extension. If needed you can change to kneeling push-ups.

    Ground to overhead = Object must touch the floor then reach full extension overhead.

    Stairsteps = Start on the ground, step stair, once both feet touch the step in full extension the rep counts.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 begin with 2 push-ups, then 3 Ground to overhead, then 6 stair steps. Continue until you reach the time cap or finish the 30th round.

  • WORKOUT 3 Advanced

    For Time:

    • 100 Burpees
    • 100 Air squats

    Divide anyhow

    Score = Total Time


    Burpees: Start in full extension, the chest must touch the floor at the bottom of the rep, jump back to full extension and hands touch overhead.

    Air Squats: Squat until the hip creases pass below parallel, stand to full extension at the top.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 you can begin with air squats or burpees and divide as you need until finished.

    WORKOUT 3 Scaled

    For Time:

    • 100 Down Ups
    • 100 Air Squats

    Divide anyhow

    Score = Total Time


    Down Ups: Start in full extension, jump down to the top of the pushup position, jump back to full extension.

    Air Squats: Squat until the hip creases pass below parallel, stand to full extension at the top.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 you can begin with Air Squats or Down Ups and dived as you need. Until finished.

  • WORKOUT 4 Advanced

    • Max unbroken double unders

    Score = Total Reps


    The rope must pass 2 times below the feet

    WORKOUT 4 Scaled

    3 min AMRAP:

    • Jumping Jacks

    Score = Total Reps


    Jumping Jacks = Feet must start together, jump out to at least 1m distance and come back together. Hands work in synchro with the feet meaning when the feet open the hand open and vice versa. They have to touch thighs when feet are wide and touch hands over head when feet are together.

    Workout Flow

    At 00:00 you begin with jumping jacks and do as many as you can in 3 minutes.

Aphrodite Games 2019


Europe’s Exclusive Open-air Functional Fitness Competition by the Mediterranean Sea since 2014! An annual unique event based in the panoramic Old Port of Limassol, Cyprus. Join us for the Aphrodite Games 2020 with a showcase of fitness under the beautiful Cyprus sun!

Day 1

Event 1 - Odyssey
4000 meters run, 500 meters swim, sprint to the finish. Time cap 50 minutes.

Event 2 - Achilles
1RM Thruster, 10 minutes for teams

Event 3 - Pegasus
AMRAP 15 minutes, 5x5 HS Walk, 2X Rope Climbs, Max X RMU

Day 2

Event 4 - Cronos
0-3 min MM
3-6 min MM
3-6 min FF
6-9 min FF

Event 5 - Chimera
For time
1000/750 meters row
18X sync jerk 80/55 kg

Day 3

Event 6 - Centaur
10X Worm Clean+Jerk
A. M1F1 Hold the Worm
M2F2 Perform each 10X C2B
15X WB 13/9 kg
10X Worm Clean+Jerk
B. M2F2 Hold the Worm
M1F1 Perform each 10X C2B
15X WB 13/9 kg
CAP 9 minutes

Event 7 - Gaia
30X Worm Squats

About us

The institution of Aphrodite Games begun in 2014 and has evolved over time into a sought-after, world-renowned event that is at the scope of athletes worldwide for participation. From the beginning up until last year, more than 700 athletes representing almost 30 different countries, the majority from Russia, England, Norway, Sweden, 15 national fitness champions, one Olympic gold medalist and 5 times world champion at the Olympic weightlifting. Last year, 350 athletes from 47 countries, 3 continents took part!

Over €40.000 prize money and every year the amount gets bigger!





€40 000

In Prizes

Story of the Aphrodite Games


In January 2014 an idea was born. A competition showcasing some of the fittest athletes in the region, competing in an event combining strongman implements, swimming and hard core fitness on the sunny seaside in Cyprus - the island of Aphrodite. The intention was to show the world that the sport of fitness is for both genders and that women can be as strong and fit as they are beautiful. Beauty in strength. Beauty in Fitness. Once the ball got rolling, invitations were sent out to selected high level female athletes from around Europe. The word began to spread about this unique competition in Cyprus, and soon the male athletes also wanted in.

By June that year the first Aphrodite Games went live attracting some of Europe’s up and coming superstars in both the male and female divisions. A 1-day event held on the sandy beach of Limassol, with 5 gruelling workouts (2 completely strongman based) ended with some popular names on the podium. In the Men’s division, Iceland’s Arnar Sigurdsson just clinching 3rd place ahead of Jonas Muller. A 21-year-old Lukas Esslinger made sure there was a swiss on the podium finishing in second place behind the shock winner – a Physical Education teacher from Russia – Sergey Koltovskoy.

On the women’s division, 6-time European Champion, 3-time World Champion, and Olympic Silver medallist in Olympic Weightlifting – Oxana Slivenko from Russia finished 3rd behind a young pre-games era Sara Sigmundsdottir from Iceland. In first place, taking full advantage of her background in strongman and as a former pro swimmer was Hannah Caldas who came all the way from the USA.


The second Aphrodite Games was held once again on the sandy beaches of Pareklissia, Limassol. However, this time the event was held over 2 days and introduced the team division. The competition while still implementing strongman odd objects and movements, was transitioned to more of an all-round fitness competition involving more gymnastics movements, a row-swim-run mini triathlon and a 1RM snatch and clean & jerk as some of the workouts. In the new teams division, Team Gorilla from Israel stepped up on the podium in 3rd place behind 2 teams from Russia – Heroical Fantasy Killers in 2nd and Team Idol in 1st.

Calm, cool and collected - The 2014 winner of the European Open – Jakob Magnusson from Iceland ended the 2 days in 3rd place, with his major highlight maxing out his snatch with his shades on and wearing a bright yellow t-shirt. In second place was the blonde-haired Viking looking German - Joshua Wichtrup. Joshua shocked everyone on the island with his performance as physically, he just didn't look like he could keep up with the big boys. He may not have had the bulging biceps and shredded 6pack like some of the other athletes competing, but he was so precise, efficient and effective with every movement, even his rests were tactically calculated, like clockwork. The 2015 Aphrodite Games men’s champion didn’t come to Cyprus to talk or make any friends. The Russian ‘Terminator’ Erast Palkin had one clear goal in his mind from the go…WIN! And win he did.

3-time Regional athlete, Marianna Tzourtzek of Greece fought her way to 3rd place on the podium for the women’s division. In second place was Iceland’s Hjordis Oskadottir, who put in a stellar performance, but despite her best efforts was not able to finish the 2-days atop of the podium. That privilege went to the 3rd place finisher in 2014 – Oxana Slivenko, who managed to succeed in what she attempted the previous year.


2016 marked the year of the revolutionised Aphrodite Games. Limassol Old Port was the new location for the event. An exclusive waterfront development in the heart of the city, between the marina and the Limassol promenade. The arena was set in the centre square with an 8-lane rig, and direct access to the pier for swimming events. 2016 saw a lineup jam packed with Games and Regionals level athletes, with over 20 nations being represented.

The team division showed a true representation of the multicultural atmosphere with 3 teams from 3 very different nations standing on the podium. In 3rd place was The Dutch Bunch, just behind Team Cyprus who used their home advantage to secure 2nd place. The runaway winners however were the Polish Beasts, with a very well suited name.

It came down to the wire to confirm the top 3 in the men’s division. Iceland’s Sigurdur Hafsteinn Jonsson was a man on a mission on the final day, and gave absolutely everything to finish 3 days in 3rd place. 2015’s runner up Joshua Wichtrup, made it back to back silver medals in 2016 as he once again shocked the crowd and showed that the last year was no fluke. Coming all the way from South Africa was Jason Smith who was consistent throughout and finished the clear winner of the 2016 Aphrodite Games.

The women’s final was like a mini Meridian Regionals, with 7 of the 8 ladies having all competed in Madrid that May. Two women were tied on points in 2nd and 3rd place and we needed to look back to see their head to head record wins to determine the final placings. It was 3 times Individual Games athlete - Thuri Helgadottir who finished in 3rd place holding up the 3-year tradition of a ‘Dottir’ on the podium. Russia’s Oxana Slivenko just snuck ahead of Helgadottir to secure 2nd place and complete her collection of 1st,2nd & 3rd place finishes at the Aphrodite Games. It was a very close battle for 2nd and 3rd place, but up at the top one woman was evidently ahead of the rest of the pack. That woman was Norway’s Kristin Holte.

It has been an exciting journey since the first Aphrodite Games in 2014. Now the time has come for you to create your AG story by signing up for the 2020 Aphrodite Games!


The Aphrodite Games will be hosted at Limassol's Old Port Square, in the heart of the city's coastal zone. Both the location and the design of the square make it ideal for the organization of such events, while it is noted that more than 7,000 people cross the area daily.


An international, world-class athletic event that takes place in the most central part of Limassol and duly promoted by the media, offers unique sponsorship opportunities and value for money packages for companies and organizations that would like to promote their products and services, both to the general public and, more specifically, to the target audience of Fitness.
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  • One of the most competitive and prestigious fitness competitions in Europe.
  • Over 350 World class athletes.
  • 14 Different Categories (Elite Men/Women, Elite Teams, Masters Men/Women 35-39 , Masters Men/ Women 40+, Masters Men/ Women 45+, Juniors, Intermediate Men/Women/Teams).
  • Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA) Certified.
  • Under the Auspices of Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Ports Authority.
  • In the heart of Limassol.
  • Proudly Supports Charity Foundation “ΚΕΠΑΚΥ”.


The company behind this event is one of the leading organizations in Russia that offers invaluable ideas, innovations and modernization in the field of medicine and sports.


There are 6 CrossFit gyms in Moscow under the flag of Geraklion. It aims to make the primary achievements in athletic education accessible to anyone who is ready to start his healthy journey.

The Geraklion Fund is a private non-profit organization, emphasizing its activity in spreading the innovative educational system - a functional intensive training complex.


  • Planning a full-year calendar of sports events.
  • Organizing Games and Competitions from local club levels to the national ones.
  • Organizing sports events among different categories of population.
  • Coaches training and certification.
  • Free open-air classes for everyone interested.
  • Making from scratch and re-equip public arenas and stadiums.
  • Sports medicine: providing scientific research and further upgrading of sports training methodology.


Volunteers are the backbone of the games. They play a major role in executing a successful event and they are the core of an amazing athlete and spectator experience. Volunteers get the chance to have a look behind the curtains and get the unique opportunity to experience the action up close.

What are volunteers doing?

  • Athlete- & Volunteer Check In
  • Entry & Exit Controls (Athlete Area, Warm-Up Area)
  • Spectator Information
  • Merchandise
  • Equipment & Arena Management
  • Scoring (Scorecard, Software)
  • Athlete control
  • Medical Care (First Aid, Physical Therapy)
  • Graphic Design, Streaming, Cutter, Light & Sound

Contact Us

Limassol Old Port, Limassol,
3037 Cyprus